Meet some of our teens hoping to go to Canada for the 2nd World Jamboree

Hi, my name is Elani and I live in Pretoria. What can I tell you about myself, well I can tell you that I had am very excited to complete my life and I am very positive about what lies ahead. Not that I am always positive but that is the beauty of life. I found out who I really am when I went for my face reconstruction when I was in grade 9. It had changed my life and it was for the better. I also found out that beauty actually comes from within. Those things that had happen to me when I was little. The burning of course doesn’t matter at all. Well, let me tell you what happened I was about 3 months old when our electric blanket had a shortage and caught fire. My face had burned severely and they had to amputate my fingers on the left hand. See that doesn’t matter anymore all that matters is that I am still here.

My name is Shaneese.  I am in Grade 9 at Hoerskool Florida. I have never travelled before. I want to go to America and be a producer when I leave school. I love hanging out with my friends and listening to music.

My name is Promise. I am in my last year of school, Matric, in Meadowlands. I haven’t travelled before. When I leave school I would like to be a bank teller or a CA. When I’m not with my books, I love singing.

Hi. My name is Bafana from Orange Farm. I live with both my parents. I’m a well- mannered boy, because I listen to my parents all the time. I like doing art and I’m keen to dream of my success as a professional artist being escalated to new heights like  Martin Luther King when he once said “ I have a dream.” I’m a born again so no-one shall separate from the love of Christ. I am a soccer fanatic, my coach used to count on me in the defence. So about my clothes, my friends will speculate that they are conservative. Well you can’t choose friends, they will always choose you.

My name is Wendahl . I am 15 years old in Grade 10 at Oakdale Secondary School. I would like someone to sponsor me with money for my schooling to further my education. Once I finish with my education I would like to be a doctor or a fireman, as these people through GOD made life possible for me.

I am Ensley. I am 18 years old and a first  year Public Relations student at the University of Johannesburg. I have never travelled abroad. I’d like to become a qualified public relations practitioner and also a psychologist. In my free time I like networking.

My name is Mbali . I live in Orange Farm. I am 16 years old, doing grade 10 at Jabulile Secondary School. My class teacher is Miss Tsotetsi. I am studying Zulu, English, Physical Science, Life Science, Mathematics, Life Orientation and Economics. The subject that I like is Science. When I finish my matric I would like to do computer engineering as my career.
Hobbies, I like dancing and reading. My favourite food is papa and stew- beef, fried chicken and rice.
My last wish is to build my parents a house after finishing my schooling and buy them a car. I think that is all I can say about myself.