The Zoo Day with Marie Claire

Before too much time goes by, we really need to share the wonderful day we had at the zoo with Marie Claire.

11 February we went to the zoo, as previously mentioned. The day was very informative with all the children learning so much. If there is ever any program we can recommend to parent to send their children on, it is the Honey Badger program at the Johannesburg zoo.

We started off with ice breakers to get the children into little groups and then to allow them to get to know one another. Moving on, we started to collect herbs and all interesting things for the Lion enclosure. Much fun was had by all children, planting herbs and scents as well as leaving delicious treats for the lions in their enclosure while they waited. We moved onto the podium to watch the lions move around and act like little kittens.

The day proceeded with lunch and then more activities doing a rhino wheel. Here they learnt about the rhinos and how to differentiate between the black and white rhino. The Rhino is an animal burn foundation admire and respect. They are the natural fire fighters in nature.

The Marie Claire Team and celebs like Gregg Hammond and Tumi Morake, Dave Levinsohn along with Kim Shulze and Mike Sharman., all got involved assisting the children and having a fun filled day with them. They were able to connect and get to know some of the burn survivors we hold close to our hearts.

Now many people will not be able to make a connection as to why a day like this is so important for the burn survivor. Well; it is a day out, but more importantly they are able to interact with other children and move beyond that vulnerable space they often find themselves in. They feel accepted as ‘just another child’ which is paramount to their psycho social development. A day like this let’s them know there are others out there that really care for them. It gives them future activities to look forward to.

So here is to looking forward to a new outing in the near future.

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