Blanket Drive a great success

Although winter is drawing to an end, we thought it fitting to report on what a success the blanket Drive was. With all the blankets collected through the Twitter Blanket Drive, we were able to get blankets to child headed households in Orange Farm, Eldorado park, Slovo Park, Freedom Park, to the Rescue 911 centre, a community in Sasolburg, gogo and child-headed households in Stilwater, near Hammanskraal and to many other small charities and communities. Pictures are to follow on soon.

With the assistance of our awesome volunteers we managed to distribute all these blankets while giving Learn Not to Burn Programs as well. What more can we ask for? At least there are a few more people that now know what to do in case of a fire or a Burn. The Stop Drop and Roll certainly gets children laughing and having fun while learning.

So although there are many people out there who still need blankets, this year was still a great success. A big Thank you to Melanie Minnaar, Serena Grobler, Outer Limits, Jodene and everyone that donated the blankets that we were able to distribute. If only you could have seen the happiness that the children expressed when receiving the blankets, then you would feel the joy we felt at handing each and every blanket over.

Next year we hope to be more involved and would like to get our prevention message out there further. Let’s see what great things we can come up with and what great teams we can collaborate with…